Utility infrastructure for the 21st century

London’s energy and water networks have provided for the capital’s needs during Covid-19. But how should London’s utilities collaborate with each other to achieve better outcomes and what are the changes required to ensure that future price reviews promote infrastructure resilience? Part of London Infrastructure Summit 2021

Air and Rail’s role in London recovery

Bringing people back to the capital - domestically and internationally - is a critical part of recovery and the UK’s standing in the world. Part of London Infrastructure Summit 2021

ReNew London Conference

In partnership with London & Partners and headline sponsor Airbnb. Work, live, play – how can we unlock Central London’s recovery?

Briefing and Discussion with TfL Property Development Team

This webinar focused on TfL’s commercial property development activity; its considerable retail holdings and how improvements to these assets can deliver social and community benefits; its approach to jobs, skills and training; and the role that innovation will play in its property development programme.

Launch of the London First Housing Partnerships Publication

A London First publication in partnership with AECOM considers the delivery of homes through local authority and private sector collaboration. The briefing looked specifically at the Joint Venture model, and members heard from both London borough representatives and private developers on their view to such partnerships and the benefits of partnership working.