Our members paying the London Living Wage

Simon Murphy

Battersea Power Station Development Company (BPSDC) has been an accredited Living Wage employer since April 2022. We have been paying London Living Wage since 2017 and this helps ensure our colleagues have sufficient resource to meet their every-day needs. We’re proud that we are accredited by the Living Wage Foundation. As an accredited business, we have benefited from a higher retention of employees and a more motivated team. Paying the London Living Wage is the right thing to do and I would encourage all businesses to back this important initiative.

Simon Murphy, CEO, Battersea Power Station Development Company

We have been a Living Wage Recognised Service Provider for the past two years. It’s had a really positive impact on both our colleagues as well as our business. While we pay those we directly employ the Living Wage or above, we have also worked with over 300 clients to move to paying the Living Wage too and continue to advocate for it. We have many London-based clients who now pay the London Living Wage and we know this makes a big difference to our employees. With the cost of living continuing to present challenges for all, there has never been a better time for companies to introduce the Living Wage.

Robin Mills, Managing Director, Compass Group UK & Ireland

It’s important to us that our employees, and those that work alongside us, are paid a fair wage. This isn’t just a response to the cost-of-living crisis - we’ve been paying at least the local Living Wage since 2014 and it’s been mandated in our Supply Chain Charter since 2019. It’s right that we pay a wage that reflects what it costs to meet everyday expenses. This is as true for permanent employees as it is for apprentices. A Living Wage encourages skilled talent to critical industries, supports mental health and family life as well as performance at work.

Joanna Banfield, HR Director, Grosvenor Property UK