BusinessLDN speaks for over 170 leading businesses in London, spanning a wide range of economic sectors. We strive to make London the best city in the world in which to do business, working with and for the whole UK.

Having laid the foundations for growth in the Autumn Statement, this Spring Budget is an opportunity to build on those measures to further encourage investment, productivity and growth. London has proven itself to be agile, resilient and more than capable of winning on the global stage. But there is more to do to unlock the Capital’s potential to support prosperity across the UK.

In making our submission, we are mindful that public finances remain under pressure. Our recommendations focus on proposals for more effective spend of existing budgets, low-cost measures that can deliver a near-term boost to growth with a rapid return for the public purse, and ideas where targeted public spending can unlock and leverage private sector investment. 

We have framed our submission around the 4Es” of enterprise, education, employment and everywhere that you have rightly diagnosed as the drivers of growth.