Green, Growing, and Global: A de-carbonising capital for a competitive UK 

Electric Vehicles: developing a consumer-led approach to infrastructure planning

An analysis of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure by the capital’s leading business campaign group London First, in partnership with PwC, has found that those in densely populated residential zones, outside of central London, could be held back in owning an EV by a lack of charging infrastructure.

Autumn Budget and Comprehensive Spending Review

Devolution in London — London First’s Submission to the Lords Constitution Committee

Evidence from London First regarding the future governance of the UK and devolution in London, submitted to the Lords Constitution Committee.

Tackling London’s skills challenge — letter to Education Secretary

Social Distancing Review — Letter to the Prime Minister

A joint letter from the Association of International Retail, London First, the Heart of London Business Alliance, UK Hospitality, and the New West End Company calling for the review into social distancing to be published as soon as possible

Business Manifesto for Delivering Net Zero Carbon in London

Our report in partnership with WSP, and supported by our Net Zero Carbon Working Group, sets out the ambitious commitments and actions required by business to meet the capital’s decarbonisation challenge, and the key priorities for London’s government over the next mayoral term.

Business Rates Review: Call for Evidence — Tranche 1

Business Rates Review: Call for Evidence — Tranche 2

Data for London — Recommendations from the London Data Commission

Getting our capital back to growth

This paper summarises the immediate actions needed from London’s businesses and policymakers as the city unlocks. It is supported by a number of underlying working papers which, given the fluidity of the situation, are being regularly updated

Business Brexit Survey

Our Business Brexit Survey, finds that out of 850 senior business leaders, only 2 in 5 businesses feel well prepared for Brexit. 

Growing Together — Cities and regions collaborating on shared priorities

The UK’s cities and regions compete fiercely for jobs and investment. But they also collaborate widely, taking advantage of clusters of industry excellence. Four business groups are committing to work more closely with each other to ensure the regions are better connected, share learning and grow together post-Brexit.

Lloyds Brexit Transition Survey

A Manifesto for the 2020s

London 2026 — the capital’s place in the UK economy

This report takes an optimistic look ahead at London’s future; if we get the industrial policies right we can continue to create high skilled jobs at the rate we were before Brexit. It explores what that future will look like in order to better prepare for it, playing into the government’s industrial strategy.

London’s 24-hour Economy

This report explores new analysis for London First in association with EY showing the dramatic transformation occurring as London works later, longer and smarter.

A chief digital officer for London

London First and Centre for London, working closely with Bloomberg Associates, and in consultation with a wide range of business interests have produced this report to look in more detail at how the role of Chief Digital Officer might support growth in London.

London FinTech and the EU

Pre-referendum, we spoke to some of the UK’s top FinTech companies to better understand the effect of the UK leaving the EU on the capital’s FinTech sector. The report has been supported by KPMG.