Connections Not Complacency: How the UK’s Global Connectivity Can Drive Regional Growth

Changing Gears — Where next for driving in London?

Getting on board with new passengers

A discussion paper: How will we use public transport post-Covid?

Beyond the horizon 

A London First discussion paper on the urgency of strategy and support for the UK’s international connections

Transport in London — New solutions for a changing city

London First & Arup outline options to secure the long-term future of transport and keep the capital competitive, including further devolution, smart road pricing and fares reform

Keeping London moving: transport

Working paper that underpins the transport sections of Getting London back to growth”

Squaring the circle — Funding London’s transport pipeline and levelling up

London First has been considering alternative ways of funding London’s transport infrastructure needs for some time and this paper draws on a workshop held in partnership with KPMG in January 2020.

The role of private capital in securing London’s future infrastructure

Infrastructure Funding and Financing Working Group report

Moving Forward Together

Businesses across the country know the value of good transport infrastructure. But the UK does not have a strong track record. As this report notes, we have lagged behind our international competitors for much of the last 25 years. If we are serious about confronting the challenges of productivity, the environment, and reuniting the country, then we must address the systemic underinvestment in the UK’s transport infrastructure. A report with WPI Economics

Roadmap to 5G

For London to lead the digital revolution it needs fast, reliable, and universal mobile and broadband connectivity. London First and Mobile UK, with the help and expertise of Gowling WLC, have come together to explore how to improve digital roll-out in London. We have focused on setting out what operators, London’s government and boroughs need to do improve digital connectivity

Paying for Crossrail 2

London can meet the government’s challenge to pay half the cost of Crossrail 2, and for funds to be raised during construction. This Proposal follows backing from National Infrastructure Commission for Crossrail 2 to go ahead. 

Crossrail — 40 Years in the Making

The significance of the Elizabeth line will quickly be taken for granted by commuters racing to and from the office and visitors to London but it stands as a permanent reminder of what a world city can – and should – do if consensus is built to galvanise mere ambition.

No time to Waste — keeping London’s airports connected in a post-Brexit world

This report describes the key steps London First believes are necessary to make the most of our existing airport capacity, improve access to it and passengers’ experience of it, and in so doing further grow London and the UK’s ability to interact globally.

The Importance of Air Freight to UK Exports

Exploring the impact of delaying the runway capacity decision on UK international trade growth.

London’s Infrastructure — investing for growth

London’s projected growth to a city of 10 million people by the early 2030s is testimony to the capital’s continued attractiveness. Yet
as it grows, the infrastructure that enables the city to function comes under greater strain. London urgently needs a comprehensive long term infrastructure plan,
with priorities and funding developed and agreed with input from government, business and the wider population.

Jams Today, Jams Tomorrow

The introduction of a Congestion Zone in 2003 offered a brief respite for the very centre of the city. This report calls on the Mayor to champion more effective management of demand — and that will mean moving to a more sophisticated system of congestion charging in the capital.