16.09.2021 11:00am – 12:00pm

As part of the London Infrastructure Summit 2021

The UK has set a target to reduce emissions to net-zero carbon by 2050. To achieve this ambitious target, we as a country will need to think carefully about the wide range of carbon emissions sources, and how best to reduce these. Electric vehicles are not the silver bullet, but they are an important weapon in the fight against poor air quality and climate change. It is necessary for London to act to enable the transition to electric vehicles. At the end of this decade, sales of new internal combustion engine cars and vans across the UK will be banned. So it is also necessary for London to act now. Some of the challenges are hard’ challenges. For example, ensuring that the right charging infrastructure exists in the right places, and that the energy grid can cope with the demand. Others are softer’ challenges, such as providing the right incentives to enable drivers to make the switch. This session will look at these challenges and discuss how London should approach optimising EV infrastructure delivery. 

This webinar is part of our London Infrastruture Summit 2021 — to book your place click here.


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